Event Details

As we all know the once thriving New Jersey horse racing industry has suffered greatly due to lack of funding. New Jersey has lost the competitive advantage it once held to surrounding states. These states have instituted policies that allow casino gambling at race tracks. A portion of these funds goes directly to purse funds. As a result, the purses at all of the New Jersey tracks have been cut substantially. Without competitive purse funds training farms, breeding farms, hay, and grain farms have been forced to move to surrounding states that have more to offer. As these taxable businesses relocate outside of New Jersey these farms are being turned into housing developments and shopping centers. The New Jersey Department of Agriculture states that New Jersey lost 40,000 acres of open space between 1983 and 1996 because of the demise of the racing industry! A strong racing industry allows New Jersey to not only keep the land open, but also provides NJ with taxable open space. We believe that with the right pieces in place New Jersey can once again reach the top of the racing industry.

Our event will be held on September 16, 2017. This free admission, all-day event will begin at 10:30am with a parade that marches from the Freehold Hall of Records to Freehold Raceway. At the racetrack, there will be educational exhibits, amateur horse races, under-saddle races, and many more fun events for all ages. The standard race card will begin at 12:30pm. Between races, we will have live music and family-friendly entertainment. After the races there will be a concert!

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